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I am a Trainer, Independent Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur,and Business Coach, with in-depth knowledge in subject matters like Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship Practice and IT, having over 9 years of cognant practical experience across board, ran various marketing campaigns in over 10 African countries, i pride myself to be among the most resourceful consultants in Africa in these regards. My key focus is on Nigeria market, and its peculiar business ecosystem, with some extension in African markets. You can Book for Training (In-house or Online), attend my Webinars or Book a Call with me.


360 Degree Digital Marketing Services, starting campaign acquisition, media planning and strategy, media buying and execution, media monitoring, optimization, report, evaluation and data analysis.

IT Services

IT services which includes Web and mobile application develop, software architecture, UAT Testing, White-Hat Penetration Testing, Short Code Services (Third-Party), among others, Dedicated Email & SMS Marketing Account Setup and Integration


Business Planning, Business Coaching and Mentorship, Business Advisory Services, Business Research, Business Launch planning and strategy, Political Campaign Advise, Research & Product Development Guide among others.

A few Past Projects

Here are some things i did in the past..


Nigeria's top Mobile TV entertainment APP offering Nigerian movies, Nigerian Songs, Nigerian Comedies, and Social Network. I prepared and executed a tactical and highly strategic market penetration plan for Skye9 Mobile App in Nigeria, a full digital marketing campaign across board. The service runs on www.skye9.com


I am a marketing consultant with the giant education body - UNICAF, managing marketing and business for the European education body in Nigeria, and several other African regions. In a space of 2 year, i have managed up to a budget of about 500, 000 Euro for marketing campaigns in Nigeria and a few other across Africa.


SoccerFone is one of the largest IVR (Interactive Voice Response) trivia ever ran in Nigeria by E-scape Technologies, in partnership with MTN Nigeria, and Metro FM 97.7. I project managed the launch of SoccerFone in 2014, with key role in the Marketing, in conjunction with MTN Nigeria's marketing team. The service runs on www.soccerfone.com


DoviLearn is an integrated e-learning portal and community in Nigeria which i project managed. The platform was launched in 2015 under the operation of DOVICHI SERVICES. Three months after launch, DoviLearn.com was listed among 5 Most Innovative Startups in Nigeria for 2015. DoviLearn.com offers online short courses and learning community. The service runs on www.dovilearn.com


From technical platform infrastructure and development, to company profiling, to business launch in Nigeria, to property marketing, and branding, i project-managed these entire processes of the business from scratch, and led it to become a top-notch Construction and Real Estate company in Nigeria. The wesbite runs on www.faochi.com


Quickbaba is an online barter platform offering online exchange of goods and services. I provided a complete end-to-end business guide for the product develop, technical services, product re-shape and sharpening, including marketing advisory services. The service runs on www.quickbata.com


This course will guide you on all the basics you need to know in setting up your ecommerce store in Nigeria.
You will learn secrets and ways to set up free Ecommerce store and start making massive revenues from it.
You will learn about all the major types of Ecommerce Stores, including payment gateways for Ecommerce stores.
You will learn how to manage deliveries and logistics easily in Ecommerce business, how to manage and reduce product shipping returns, the common mistakes make in Ecommerce, Basic SEO for Ecommerce, How to Manage Ecommerce with Small Team, Product Photography secrets for Ecommerce,
You will learn about best key Digital Marketing components and Strategies for your ecommerce business, based on proven strategies, and lots more.


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